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Payments are acceptable in CASH or E-TRANSFER. Currently packages are not subject to HST at 13%.  Some holidays are subject to Saturday night rates. Events are for invited guests only, rates shown are for no-sale events.

SECURITY concerns

Each event is subject to our liability assessment. A security deposit ranging from $100 or more will be required. If it is priorly determined or discovered during an event that your event is of considerable liability risk (Example: An event that appears not to be family oriented), it is mandatory that reparable and certified security personnel be hired to secure your event. Management will make a certified referral provision at the cost of host. Collection of payment must be secured 2 weeks in advance. If management determines that security is unobtainable, or host is unwilling to pay for security, management at its sound discretion will cancel the event, and loss of all deposits will apply. Please find further information regarding our policies here.

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